Designers get the rap of approval

Versace. Tom Ford. Gucci. What do they all have in common? Well, apart from them being one of the most recognised fashion brands in the world, they’ve all been given the recognition they deserve…in rap songs. Drake, Jay Z and others have taken to the mic to appreciate the work of these well known designers, but is name dropping really necessary? Yes, it actually is. After Tom Ford was released, it became one of the most searched name on search engines since it’s release in August 2013, however, it seems that there wasn’t much of an increase in sales, which is actually kind of sad.

Repetitious Rapping

Name dropping isn’t a recent occurrence; it all started back when Run DMC were rocking Adidas, they even made a song called “My Adidas” – so original. After that, you can say it became quite a trend to name drop, take ASAP Rocky’s new hit Fashion Killa, you can just tell that this song will involve some major name dropping. “She got a lotta Prada, that Dolce and Gabana. I can’t forget Escada and that Balenciaga” (Rocky, 2013).

Sometimes I do wonder if they will ever get bored of rapping about designers, or if they will even run out of designers to rap about. They’re basically boasting about being able to afford all these expensive things, saying “ey look at me, I’m rich”. But I guess if it’s bringing in the money and the appreciation from fans, why not do it? 

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10 thoughts on “Designers get the rap of approval

  1. Interesting blog post. What is particularly interesting is that as you say these rappers are rhyming about having the ability to be able to afford these items of dress and thereby increase their social status and social standing. However exactly the opposite is true and often occurs when they take on the wearing and appropriation of these styles. It can be argued that they somehow devalue the status of these styles and these designers within the consciousness of higher social status groups, through mere association, I would site Tommy Hilfiger as an example.

    • Thanks for the comment. I agree with how these rappers devalue the worth and designs of these designers. I think it all comes back to the music they produce. I will definitely look into Tommy Hilfiger.

  2. Great post! I think that it’s a phase and soon they’ll be rapping about something else. It’s weird how rappers can rap about anything, Jay Z could rap about Red Velvet cupcakes and we would all be singing along!

  3. Interesting post! It’s a shame certain rappers dont use their status and fame as a way of rapping about important world issues or something intellectual rather than bragging about how much they spend on clothes Lool

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