It’s been long overdue…

Hey guys, it has been a while since I’d last posted and I know you’ve been missing me. So since today is my birthday, the big 2-0, I’ve decided to do a ‘20 facts people might want to know about me’ post.


1. I’m 5 ft 3

2. I have a major sweet tooth, hence the reason why…

3. I love icing! Buttercream, fondue, you name it!

4. I am a huge Zombie fan, I think I could easily survive a Zombie apocalypse anyday (if that ever happens). I just love the gore and suspense. I’m weird like that.

5. I have big dreams! Let’s face it, everyone does.

6. I work hard

7. I play hard

8. I ride hard *insert dirty mind right about now*

9. I’m quite flexible, although I’m rather disappointed that I can’t do the splits. Damn!

10. I’m 1/8 Syrian. My grandmother from my dad’s side is 1/2 Syrian, which makes my dad 1/4, which makes me 1/8 Syrian. I’m glad my Maths hasn’t failed me

11. I love cupcakes

12. I love cookies

13. I have one sister called Flora, who’s 4 years older than me

14. I love painting my nails. I have all the colours of rainbow. No, seriously!

15. I don’t like pets. Never have, never will.

16. My guilty pleasure song is “Take On Me” by A-ha

17. It bugs me when people say “huh” like where are your manners?

18. I can cry on cue

19. I still watch cartoons

20. I’m fascinated by amazing dancers and choreography, being a dancer (even though I don’t dance anymore), I think that’s where obsession comes from.

So there you have it. This is me! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post 🙂


One thought on “It’s been long overdue…

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