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“Nothing Was The Same”…When I Left The Drake Concert

Drake definitely owned the stage! This was the first concert I’ve ever been to and it’s most certainly not the last – thank you Drake! I was lucky enough to get seats, as his O2 Arena tour SOLD OUT! Watching the show from our “limited view” seats (even though we saw everything – shame on you Ticketmaster), I took a moment to soak up the atmosphere of the arena, and watch the crowds pile in with their OVOXO merchandise.


Photography by Molly

The Weeknd (XO) was one of his supporting acts, as well as the beautiful Jhene Aiko, looking gorgeous in a backless turquoise maxi dress. Now I understand why she is everyone’s WCW*.

Drake covered most of his hits from No New Friends to Worst Behavior. He even took it back to the days when he thought everything was Over, but then started asking people to Miss Me. I’m just very glad he didn’t just stick to his new stuff; I didn’t pay £52 just to listen to a whole album, I could do that at home! But I love an artist that can own a stage without any backing dancers; his DJ was so sick too. Someone get me his number!!

Despite the club bangers, he made it appoint that he sang some of his emotional but not-so-emotional songs. I must admit, I sat down for that part, however, Drake has a beautiful singing voice *melts to the floor*. But jokes aside, he really knows how to put on a show, and I’d definitely recommend y’all to get tickets to his next show. Now I can tick Drake off my ‘Who To Watch Live’ list.

You have made me a very happy fan Mr Aubrey Drake Graham.


*Woman Crush Wednesday