The Top 5 … Blogs

Heyyyyy y’all, it’s baaack! The top 5. And this time it’s all about my 5 favourite blogs that is worth checking out.

So here it is, #5 Urban And Trendy – 


This half Spanish, half English blog is great for all you female fashionistas. Have a look at

#4 The Boombox – 


This blog is great if you love hip-hop, rap and R&B. It features the latest news and interviews of current hip-hop stars. Their Underground Kings page is so cool and celebrates the work of new artists. So check out The Boombox *wiki wiki*

#3 The Fancy Pants Report


Love the layout, love the content. My favourite page on the blog has to be the ‘Shop’ page as well as the OOTD posts, because Kate’s style is so hip but glam. Go on, give it a read!

#2 Jon Negroni 


This is actually one of the best popular culture blogs I’ve seen. It’s just soo great; I really like his post on The ‘Pixar Theory’ and how every Pixar film is related. It’s a great read on a fun, creative blog. Follow his blog right here on WordPress:

And finally #1 is… The Fashion Bomb Daily –


 A blog on all things fashion and multicultural. This blog has definitely got it all and what I like most about it is that it’s not just for females it’s for males too, with a page dedicated to Men’s clothes. Looking at the celebrity styles of Jay Z and Kanye. It is definitely worth looking at. You can follow the blog here at

So there it my top 5 blogs, if you think I’ve missed a blog on my list send me a comment 🙂