Video of the WEEK!

This week’s video of the week goes to J Cole and his live performance of Forbidden Fruit. This song has been in my head since last week and it is a complete banger!

I honestly cannot wait to see him perform at this year’s Wireless Festival in London.


My Top 5 Old School Hip-Hop Moves

If you’re like me and you looooove dancing, then you should know about these 5 hip-hop moves below. They are my favourite moves and they’re soo easy to learn, so why not try it out at any party, any club, even do it public. It’s fun!

5. The Prep
4. The Cabbage Patch
3. The Wop
2. The Humpty Dance
1. Kid N Play

Why not tell me your favourite dance moves and comment with a link below. Happy dancing!

Video of the WEEK!

This week’s VOW is not going to be a music vid. It’s not going to be a song. It’s actually going to be a documentary. A very short one; looking at the history of hip-hop fashion over the years.

Check it out, it’s pretty interesting.

Video of the Week

Work (Remix) Explicit – A$AP Ferg

Coogi down to the socks. Like I’m Biggie papa babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..!!

(Ahem! Sorry! Got a little carried away there)

And if you’re wondering what Coogi is, it’s a fashion label which is most famous for it’s colourful knitwear. Famously worn by Notorious B.I.G and other hip-hop artists, and even Bill Cosby! 

inspiration-hal-x-colab cosbysweater1

Not only is it for males, but it’s also for females too, as they sell a variety of handbags, coats and dresses.

Check out the collection here at Dr Jays!

Video of the Week

CameoWord Up

I must comment on the fact that the guy is wearing a red jock strap outside of his leggings. At first I thought it was a fanny pack but then I realised, it wasn’t….


It makes me wonder which hip hop star would have the guts to try out that style?

And if you’re really loving that red jock strap, check out Cameo’s Candy. It’s baack!

Video of the Week!

This week we’re taking it back. Waaaay back. Back to the 80s!

It’s Run DMC!


Run D.M.C are one of the most influential men in hip-hop. The one thing I like about them apart from their music, is their style. Who knew the gold chains, the trilby hats and Adidas shoes would make an impact on fashion.

So here it is, It’s Tricky